“Sisimpur” will be broadcast daily for four years

“Sisimpur” will be broadcast daily for four years

The popular children’s series Sisimpur will air on the country’s only children’s channel, Durant TV, for the next four years. Sisimpur, built with financial assistance from USAID-Bangladesh, has aired on Durant Television every weekday since 2019.

On this occasion, a bilateral agreement was signed between Sisemi Workshop Bangladesh and Durant Television at Sisimpur office on January 16th. Sisemi Workshop Bangladesh Managing Director Mohammad Shah Alam and Durant Television Director Abhijit Chowdhury signed the deal.

Sesame Workshop CEO Steve Youngwood, Senior Vice President Shari Rosenfeld, Director of Research Alison Bryant, and USAID-Bangladesh Education Advisor Sudev Kumar Biswas were in attendance.

Signing ceremony of the bilateral agreement.  Photo: Collected

Thanks to this agreement, children’s favorite educational and entertainment programme, Sisimpur, will be broadcast daily on Durant TV for the next four years.

For 18 years, the Sisimpur program has been produced with the financial support of USAID-Bangladesh. What is currently the most acceptable name for children and parents in Bangladesh. The new season episodes of Sisimpur were produced as part of the ongoing USAID-funded Promoting Education for Young Learners project. Along with television activities, Sisimpur’s digital and school activities also continue. Currently, Sisimpur works for the development of education in 250 primary schools in the country.

In 2022, Sisimpur won the world renowned Kidscreen Award for Children’s Programming. This series is very popular with children and has been streaming on BTV since April 15, 2005.

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