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Sister Farah’s old tweet about Sajid scandal goes viral


Sister Farah’s old tweet about Sajid scandal goes viral

Entertainment desk: Sajid Khan was once a popular Bollywood director. However, due to the character shift, he gradually softened his stance. As he got down due to various scandals involving women, he also belittled his family. And Farah Khan, another popular face in the Bollywood industry, has opened up about it.

Sajid’s character controversies are not new in the Bollywood air. Harassment allegations began surrounding him six years ago.

However, in 2018, during the “Metoo” movement, the media became active due to allegations of harassment by female celebrities against Sajid. During this movement, several actresses like Rachel White, Karishma Upadhyay, Simran Suri and Saloni Chopra accused Sajid of harassment. Based on their complaints, the internal complaints committee is formed by ‘IFTDA’.

After the sentencing, Sajid was exiled for a year. He was also fired from directing the movie “Housefull 4”.

The four-year-long scandal returned to the media with her appearance on the episode of ‘Bigg Boss’. In the midst of such a situation, an old tweet by Sajid’s sister, director and choreographer Lewd, Farha Khan, has gone viral in the net world.

During the ‘Mitu’ movement, the sister opened her mouth about her brother’s slander. He wrote on Twitter: ‘Terrible time for the family. If my brother behaved like this, then he will have to make a lot of atonement.

He also wrote, “Never condone such behavior. I have sympathy for the women who have been hurt.

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But this time, when the debate started over “Bigg Boss,” he stood by his brother. According to a report in Indian newspaper Anandabazar, Farah specifically asked the show’s host, Salman Khan, to help Bhai when the controversy started surrounding Sajid’s appearance on Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, Farah’s old viral tweet about Sajid-Kande will add another dimension to the debate.

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