Sita from ‘Ramayan’ showed warmth in a one-piece dress, such a photo of the actress has surfaced.


Sita from ‘Ramayan’ showed warmth in a one-piece dress, such a photo of the actress has surfaced.

The internet world is becoming one of the entertainment media these days. The popularity of movie series on television is much less than before. In the emptiness of the busy life, everyone has chosen the world web series on the internet for entertainment. But there was a time when TV series were one of the main forms of entertainment outside of movies. All the members of the house used to sit together and spend their time in front of the TV. Ramayana was a very popular TV series during those 90s. Everyone from age 8 to 80 was eagerly waiting to watch every episode of this TV series.

The popularity of Ramayan series cannot be surpassed by any series so far. There is no doubt that every character in the series has left a mark in the minds of the public. From the character of Rama to the character of Sita, everyone is always loved by everyone. Actress Deepika Chikhalia played the role of Sita in this TV series. From this series, he gained enormous popularity among the audience.

Deepika Chikhalia is very active on social media even though she is not currently in the world of soap operas. He occasionally posts various images on social media which go viral in the internet world in no time. Recently, the actress posted a reel video where she changed clothes to the beat of the song. In the viral video, she was seen wearing a trendy one-piece dress. As soon as the video was posted, netizens flooded it with likes and comments. Seeing Sita in a modern avatar, netizens made various comments.

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