Sita of the ‘Ramayana’ has crossed all the limits of shame

Sita of the ‘Ramayana’ has crossed all the limits of shame

Entertainment desk: There is a good trend among Indian audiences to watch serials along with movies. Thus, every evening in several languages, series are broadcast on television in everyone’s home. Different types of soap operas are aired on different TV channels. Some of them have become very popular. It can be said that various Hindi serials have become a major aspect of entertainment. A series from the 90s became a huge hit with people between the ages of 8 and 80.

All the limits of shame

I hope everyone now understands what TV show this report is about. The 90s TV series Ramayana was loved by everyone. Each character in the series has left a mark in the mind of every viewer. From the character of Ram to the character of Sita, people always keep it carefully in the heart of their minds. Actress Deepika Chikhalia played the role of Sita in this TV series. From this series, he gained enormous popularity among the audience.

Currently, actress Deepika Chikhalia, who plays the role of Sita, is very active on social media to maintain her popularity. He sometimes posts various posts on social media and needless to say, it goes viral in no time. Recently, the actress posted some daring videos on social media that gave netizens sleepless nights. What was in that viral video?

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In a viral video, the actress made a video of a trending song on the internet. She first drops her sandal on the floor and as soon as she picks up the sandal from the floor, her look suddenly changes and Deepika looks very glamorous in this new look. She wears a blue one-piece in it, with light makeup and loose hair enhancing her beauty. This video went viral as soon as it appeared on the Internet.

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