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SK Movies has fire, burnt ashes film reels, cans and more


SK Movies has fire, burnt ashes film reels, cans and more

The godown of Kolkata’s Namzada production company was burned to ashes in a terrible fire. The fire took place at SK Movies warehouse in Kudghat area south of Kolkata on Thursday morning. Residents saw the fire burning in this warehouse this morning. They warn the firefighters following which 16 firefighter vehicles arrive on site. The fire was brought under control in about two hours.

The exact cause of the fire is not yet clear. Due to the high population density, firefighters had to struggle to put out the fire. Even though the fire broke out in the wee hours of the morning, the firefighters would have arrived too late.

Fire service officials said: ‘The fire started around 6.41am. Now the fire is under full control.’ They feared a lot of damage from the terrible fire.

It is reported that the warehouse at 27 Baburam Ghosh Road in Kudghat contained a lot of flammable materials and the fire started to spread throughout the warehouse. The iron shed canopy and brick slab of the production company’s warehouse collapsed in the heat of the fire. Several items including film reels, cans are destroyed. However, no casualties were reported in this incident.

Fire service officials said: ‘This fire started at 6.41am. The fire is now fully contained. “They feared a lot of damage due to the terrible fire. No casualties were reported in the incident.

Local MP and state youth welfare minister Arup Biswas rushed to the scene after receiving news of the fire

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