Small-screen Parvati radiated warmth in revealing clothes

Small-screen Parvati radiated warmth in revealing clothes

Entertainment desk: Pooja Banerjee is a popular face on the small screen. Everyone from Bengali to Hindi knows her as “Parvati” on TV screen. She has long been seen in the role of Parvati in the series ‘Devadhidev Mahadev’. He has also been seen several times in Bengali language soap operas. But besides acting, the actress is also a successful model. Glimpses of her are often seen on her social media wall. He bonded with the lens by wearing different clothes. He is very active on social networks throughout the year.

Pooja Banerjee

Recently, seeing the actress, her fans fell asleep. The reason is only one, its attractive and warm look. He posted a video of his Instagram handle. In this video, she is seen wearing a sleeveless Thai slit dress with a black and white print. The video appears to have been shot from the scene of a photo shoot. But not only the clothes but also different outfits gave her a complete western look in this post. The face has thick makeup to match. The bright pink lipstick on the lips made her lips look more lively. The open hair made this look more appealing. White shoes with heels. Standing in front of a white background, sometimes standing on one leg, he is captured by the camera, sometimes another pose.

Parvathy from the small screen left a new message in the caption of this post. He captioned it, “Something exciting coming up, stay tuned.” But he didn’t say what was going to happen. However, it is believed that a new photo album has been released. This post impressed his fans. Many have filled the beloved actress with love. Someone wrote: “As beautiful as you are, so are your stuffed animals”; Another person wrote: “Why do you feel so thin all of a sudden”.

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Incidentally, the actress is currently far from the acting world. He worked in several soap operas before that. However, outside of the series, the actress has also been seen on the big screen. Just as she starred alongside Dev in “Challenge-2” on the Bengali big screen, audiences were impressed upon seeing her as Parvati in the Hindi serial “Devadhidev Mahadev”.

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