Smartphone advice: Do you know why this little hole is on your phone? – tips for smartphone what is the small hole above each mobile phone know the real reason


Smartphone advice: Do you know why this little hole is on your phone? – tips for smartphone what is the small hole above each mobile phone know the real reason

Smartphone tips: Turn the phone? Does your phone also have this little hole on the top? Not only your phone, but almost all smartphones have this hole. Do you know the reason?

Almost everyone now owns one or more smartphones. Most of the day is spent looking at the smartphone (Smartphone Tips). What do you know about your smartphone if you stare at it all day? Apart from the internal parts of the phone, not everyone is well aware of the external design.

All smartphones have a camera setup on the back and a screen on the front. Above the screen is the selfie camera. There’s also plenty more to see in the frame around the phone. Underneath the phone are the charging port, speaker grill, and call microphone. The phone can only be charged by connecting the charger to the charging port. Also, the sound comes out from inside the speaker grill of the phone. Your voice is captured during voice and video calls via the call microphone.

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Also around the phone are the volume button, power button, SIM tray, headphone jack. Phones that use a stereo speaker setup also feature a speaker grill on top. But other than all that, almost every phone has a small hole on the top. If you are reading this report from a smartphone, there is a good chance that this phone also has this small hole. But why are there small holes on all smartphones? Do you know the reason?
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In fact, any smartphone has at least 2 microphones for voice calls. This second microphone resides in this small hole on the top of the phone. This part of the phone works as a noise canceling microphone. Suppose you are standing on a street and talking on the phone. There are different types of sounds coming from all around you. This noise-canceling microphone helps cancel out all that noise and only sends your voice to the person on the other end of the phone. Thus, this microphone is activated during any voice call. Capture audio from 2 microphones simultaneously. Once all the processing is done inside the phone, that sound travels from your phone to the other end of the phone in real time, eliminating unnecessary noise.
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Therefore, if you are talking on the phone from a place where the surrounding noise is relatively high, this little hole will improve your voice call experience without you realizing it. But now this question is no longer unknown. If you’d like to read more such reports on Digital’s Tech page, let us know in the comments section below.

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