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Snatch in filmy style | 3 Arrested From Uttar Pradesh For Looting Lakhs In Filmy Style In Thane dgtl

Snatch in filmy style | 3 Arrested From Uttar Pradesh For Looting Lakhs In Filmy Style In Thane dgtl

The disbelievers snatched 12 lakh rupees from two bank clerks in a vaporous manner. Police arrested them about two weeks after viewing the CCTV footage. The strategy they used to steal the money actually helped the police identify them. Police arrested 3 people in this incident on Saturday.


The incident happened in the Bhiwandi Street area of ​​Thane. Last month, two workers were going to deposit money from one bank to another on this street. The disbelievers chased them away and stole money from them. 12 lakh cash was looted in broad daylight.

After this incident, these bank employees went to the police. An investigation was opened on the basis of their complaint. On Saturday, Bhiwandi Police Station arrested 3 defendants from Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, on the day of the incident, 2 people were following the bank employees on bicycles. They were watched from the start. Other than that, the mastermind behind the whole plan was waiting at the bank. From there, he gave instructions to the other two over the phone.

The disbelievers had already seen the two bank employees carrying cash along the same route. As they regularly carry cash, they begin to be watched. After that, 3 people planned to steal the money. Police say they planned the robbery after watching a crime web series.


When the two young people on bicycles chased the bank employees, they were wearing the clothes of a catering company. They chose this dress thinking that no one would suspect them. But this is where the crime is exposed. The police are able to identify them thanks to these special clothes.

After the arrest, the police managed to recover 8 lakh rupees from the disbelievers. They are currently in custody. The investigation is ongoing.

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