Sona Mahapatra | Sona Mohapatra ruthlessly trolled for crooning Pasoori dgtl


Sona Mahapatra | Sona Mohapatra ruthlessly trolled for crooning Pasoori dgtl

‘Pasuri’ is included in this year’s popular song list. Ali Shetty and Sai Gill’s “Pasuri” has become extremely popular. Forgetting the country-caste-religion gap, the song came as a torrent. It is the new addition to the 14th season of Pakistan’s popular “Coke Studio”. The musician Sona Mohapatra this time faced the cannon by singing this song. Hearing ‘Pasuri’ in the singer’s voice, a section of social media condemned him.

Recently, Sona posted a video of the song ‘Pasuri’ sung by her on Instagram. After that, one attack after another came towards him. Someone said Sona didn’t fit this song at all. Others sarcastically suggested not becoming a “copy cat” like Neha Kakkar.

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Pakistan Coke Studio’s song “Pasuri” is performed by Ali Shetty and Shia Gill. This song has gained enormous popularity. Many people sang this song in different languages. This time, Sona fell victim to netizens’ sarcasm while singing such a popular song.

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Incidentally, singer Neha Kakkar recently came under fire for redoing musician Falguni Pathak’s popular song “Mayone Payal Hai Chankai”. Falguni himself was involved in this. The way Sona was taunted while singing another popular song in the atmosphere of this controversy added a new dimension to this episode.

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