Sonakshi looks like the 70s actress, the actress replied…

Sonakshi looks like the 70s actress, the actress replied…

Currently, Sonakshi Sinha is one of the leading actresses in the Bollywood industry. She is the daughter of Bollywood star Shatrughan Sinha. However, a 70s actress has a lot in common with Shatrughan Kanya. She is none other than the leading Balinese diva of the time, Reena Roy. Curiously, this 70s actress has a lot in common with Shatrughan Kanya. We hear that Reena Roy had a very close relationship with the actor at one point. But later it was broken. At this time, according to an old incident, Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy and Sonakshi Sinha are also in the practice light.

Recently, a photo has gone viral on social media pages where an almost identical photo of Sonakshi Sinha and Reena Roy has gone viral. Where Sonakshi looks suspiciously like the 70s actress. For now, all the media is buzzing about this issue. And the actor said in an interview with ‘Fastpost’ about it, such coincidences keep happening. He also mentioned that his mother had a lot in common with the mother of Jeetendra, one of the most popular Bollywood actors.

Reena Roy had a good relationship with Shatrughan Sinha due to her acting. Popular filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalini once said in an interview that actress Reena Roy once gave the actor one last chance to consummate their relationship. He told the actor he had to get married within 8 days or he would marry someone else. But the actor was already married to Poonam Sinha. It can be noted that at this time, the filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalini wanted to cast Shatrughan, Reena and Sanjeev Kumar for his next film after ‘Haatkadi’. However, the actress also rejected the offer for this film at that time. She also said she would only star in the movie if the actor was ready to marry her within the next 8 days. Otherwise, he will be married to someone else.

Therefore, the actor could not keep Reena Roy’s word at that time because he was already married. Even when Pahlaj Nihalini rejected the film, what did the actress tell him! He called the actor and told him everything, then the actor cried to Nihalini. According to the filmmaker, he had never seen the actor cry like that before. However, after marrying Mohsin Khan, Rina Roy moved to Pakistan. He took a break from the big screen.

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