Sonakshi Sinha’s Secret Photo Leaked, Father Shatrughan Sinha Got Angry


Sonakshi Sinha’s Secret Photo Leaked, Father Shatrughan Sinha Got Angry

Entertainment desk: Actress Sonakshi Sinha is one of the most popular actresses in the Bollywood industry. His stunningly handsome acting and sweet expressions have captured the hearts of millions of Indians. Although he has earned a lot of respect throughout his film career, he is not lacking in money or assets.

The actress has given Indian audiences several super duper hit Hindi movies. But recently, such news has come to the fore, which may surprise you. Sonakshi’s personal life is the subject of much discussion in the world of social media.


Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is very active on social media. Occasionally posts various photos and videos of photo shoots. He also stays in daily contact with his fans through stories.

However, Internet users were surprised to see several photos posted by the actress recently. Indeed, in various photos, Sonakshi Sinha posed close enough to a young man for a photoshoot.

The son made a whole robot to help his mother and put it on the shelf

In fact, Sonakshi Sinha now spends a lot of time with Zaheer Iqbal. Everyone knows that the Bolly actress is in a relationship with this young man. They spend a lot of time together. From time to time, the paparazzi have spotted them hanging out at restaurants in Mumbai. The couple also posted many intimate photos on the Internet. But Shatrughan Sinha got angry enough to see intimate personal photos of Sonakshi and her boyfriend on the internet.

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