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Sonam Kapoor | Sonam Kapoor enters the gym 60 days after the birth of his son Vayu dgtl


Sonam Kapoor | Sonam Kapoor enters the gym 60 days after the birth of his son Vayu dgtl

During pregnancy, the weight increases several times. Appearance did not diminish even after childbirth. Sonam has to wear the clothes she bought during her pregnancy. A few days ago, Sonam took a picture standing in front of the mirror. He also posted the photo on social media. It shows the appearance after delivery. The actress also wrote, “This time I need to lose weight, get lean and get back to work.”

After that, Sonam went to the gym and started exercising on the coach’s advice. Sonam was seen exercising just 60 days after the birth of her son Vayu. He himself shared the exercise video on Instagram. He wrote: “Let’s start this time…” There we see that he has to gain speed to train in the gym. She also shared her maternity routine with exercise. According to Sonam, seeing the baby, feeding him, feeding him, feeding him again, sleeping is his current routine. Sonam says it will take a lot of effort to get back to the old look.

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Sonam said she was able to get back to the gym so quickly thanks to nutritionist Radhika Karl. The actress did not forget to thank him. He also said that this time Anand had prepared a special drink for him, so that he could stay moist from inside.

Under Sonam’s post, her husband Anand Ahuja wrote, “So cute, you look so cute in the whole video.” Sister Rhea wrote, “Yes you can.”

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Sonam recently posted a video of herself breastfeeding her son at work. Wrote, “Back to the real world with my team. After all, meeting so many people, it feels good to be back at my job. Love you with all the wounds in Mumbai. You are magical.”

Women can do whatever they want. Sonam has proven it again. Sonam also focused on her son’s work. In the meantime, the actress took time for herself. Do not neglect yourself by dealing with all aspects! Sonam gave such a message.

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