Sonnet Will Make ‘Swapnabaji’ Apart From Rafi, Producer Announces New Film


Sonnet Will Make ‘Swapnabaji’ Apart From Rafi, Producer Announces New Film

Director Raihan Rafi started filming a movie named “Swapnabaji” in 2019 with protagonists Siam Ahmed and Mahia Mahi, Oishi and Pia Jannatul. Aishee later pulled out of the film as she appeared in the costume and smoking sequences. Filming also stopped after a few scenes. The following year, from February 23, the work of capturing scenes in Old Dhaka started again, but it was not finished. In the meantime, the film also becomes dark.

‘Swapnbaaji’ is produced by fashion designer Piyal Hossain. At that time, he said that the country’s first film based on the world of fashion and modeling “Swapnbaaji” will be made to promote the fashion industry. But without finishing the movie yesterday, the producer announced another new movie on his birthday.

His new film is called “La vie est belle”. It has Nirav Hossain as a hero. Nipun Akhtar and Yamin Haque Bobby will be seen as heroines. Asif Ahmed Khan will be another hero with them.

Non Payal is the sole producer of this film. He will also direct the film. Producers Tapu Khan and Saqib Sonnet are staying with him as producers.

On the anniversary, Piyal said, apart from Nipun-Nirev and Bobby, another couple will be seen in the film. Who remains as this pair will soon be known.

He announced the new movie without finishing ‘Swapnabaji’. More dreamers? Piyal was contacted on Saturday with such questions. He told Samakal, “The work of Swapnabaazi will resume after the movie Life is Beautiful. However, changes are afoot in the film’s story and cast now. The manufacturer will also change.

Piyal Hossain says Raihan Rafi started production on ‘Swapnabaji’ but was no longer held there. He said, Shakib Sonnet will create a new dreamer. Its work should begin next year.

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