Sonu Nigam paid to sing in Dev-Prosenjit’s movie! He himself said the reason


Sonu Nigam paid to sing in Dev-Prosenjit’s movie! He himself said the reason

bangladeshi the pulpit: Bollywood music star Sonu Nigam. He led the industry throughout the 90s. From directing to listening, Sonu Nigam is unique. From Shahrukh Khan to Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, he has voiced almost every top actor in Bollywood.

Many people do not know that Sonu Nigam is the son-in-law of Bengal. He has also sung in Bengali films. Now he has also sung a song for Dev and Prasenjit Chattopadhyay’s upcoming movie, “Kachher Mansoor”. The song “If you love, set me free” will be heard in Sonu’s voice. The song was launched with fanfare a few days ago. Almost the entire film crew was present at the launch of the song along with Sonu Nigam.

But now it is known that Sonu returned the compensation for the song. He liked the song so much that he gave up. Sonu said he got emotional while singing the song. Tears came to his eyes. Sonu also said that he loves the phrase “If you love, set me free” so much that he will remember it all his life.

The song “Mukti Dao” has so far reached 1.5 million views on YouTube. Sonu said the song was popular with the public. He is happy that his voice touched everyone’s heart. Notably, the song ‘Mukti Dao’ is composed by Nilayan Chattopadhyay.

Moreover, after ‘Cockpit’, Dev and Prasenjit Chattopadhyay will team up again in this film. Directed by Pathikrit Basu, the film will also star Isha Saha and Sushmita Chattopadhyay. The trailer for the movie says that Dev’s mother aka Kuntal is sick and bedridden. It takes a lot of money to save the mother.

It was around this time that Sudarshan, an insurance company agent, came into her life, played by Prosenjit. No, not an angel, but an angel of death who entered Kuntal’s life. Explain to Kuntal that it takes money to survive Kali Yuga. If Kuntal dies to save his mother, both sides benefit. Kuntal’s mother will also be treated after receiving the money. On the other hand, Sudarshan will also have deep pockets. Meanwhile, another person came into Kuntal’s life in the role of Isha.

He convinces Kuntal aka Dev that money isn’t everything in life. You need to think about the people close to you. But Sudarshan is desperate. We have to wait until Puja to know who will win and who will lose in the battle of life and death. The next of kin will be released on September 30.

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