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Soonerah not filming ‘Joy Bangla Dhvani’ movie


Soonerah not filming ‘Joy Bangla Dhvani’ movie

The movie ‘Joy Bangla Dhvani’ is based on the story of political figure Shajahan Khan. Actress Sunerah Binte Kamal was signed on October 9 to star in the film. But Sunerah was not seen at the film’s press conference at a restaurant in the capital on Thursday. Contacted later, he told Samakal that he was not making the film.

Before that, in an interview with Samakal, he said that since it is a film about the history of the liberation war, he accepted his father’s wish. Besides, I had wanted to work in such a freedom fighter story for a long time.

In the financial year 2021-22, the film ‘Joy Bangla Dhvani’ received a government grant of Tk 60 lakh. In the film, the hero was silent with Soonerah. Veteran actor Asaduzzaman Noor will play the role of Sambhu Razakar. KM Khurshid will direct.

Why are you withdrawing from photography? In response to this question, Sunerah told Samakal, “I didn’t decide not to make the film because of some differences with the director. After reading the story that was sent to me, I talked to the director about changing my character lineup. I didn’t like the one sent later either. There is some confusion about this.

Even so, Sunerahar said he wanted to do the film. He said if the director had said it a little better, it would have played. But he didn’t treat me well. He said harshly that I had to do the film. So I decided not to make the film.

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