Sourav problem in the rowdy entertainment district


Sourav problem in the rowdy entertainment district

Sourav Ganguly is dismissed as Chairman of the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI). He will serve as President until October 18. After that, he is no longer held as president for the next term. Roger Binny will be the chairman of the board of directors in place of Sourav.

According to Indian media, Sourav has been offered to become chairman of IPL instead of BCCI. The former Indian cricket captain, who has a strong sense of self-respect, did not respond to the offer. Because the problem is like taking away the captaincy of the national team and leading the “A” team.

Meanwhile, many people in West Bengal are angry over Sourav’s removal from the position of chairman of the board. What does popular Tollywood actor Rudranil Ghosh think about this?

He told the media this time, “Sourav Ganguly is one of the people that Bengalis have modern day passion and love with. In this case, our emotions have a certain desire. But, the cricket board has some rules. Sometimes they have to take a few steps. Maybe that’s why Sourav Ganguly has to move. But I believe something greater awaits. We are all upset. Because we prefer emotion to logic.

Many people think that Saurabh is removed from his position as chairman of the board because he did not join the BJP. In this context, Rudranilke said, “The people of West Bengal have always loved politics. They discuss politics more than they shout about corruption. It is natural for politics to come in such a politics-loving state.

While Rudranil Ghosh found no political connection behind Sourav Ganguly’s loss as Chairman of the Cricket Board of India, fellow actor Jayjit Banerjee blamed politics directly. He told Indian Express: “We hear that Roger Binny will be brought in instead of Sourav. Surav is the passion of all Bengal. In fact, no one in the BJP wants to see a Bengali in a high position in the country. And that is why there are so many BJP MPs from Bengal, no one got a full ministry. There is politics in all of this. The Bengali will be in high places, he will not be tolerated by the cow ball.’

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