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Southern superstar Ram Charan in a Bengali movie?


Southern superstar Ram Charan in a Bengali movie?

Southern cinema superstar Ram Charan. After the success of ‘RR R’, he is now an international star. Recently, such rumors have spread in the net world about whether this southern superstar is starring in a Tollywood movie. The question of many, Ramcharan will play in the film of which director? Some are again wondering if Bengali producers have the budget to film a “superstar” like Ramcharan?

The reason for the buzz around Ramcharan is a recent interview. There, the star discussed the future of Indian cinema. Akshay Kumar was also there. On this stage, he recounted his love for Bengali cinema.

In this interview, Ramcharan said that every actor wants to work in their own language, but Indian cinema has changed. There is no longer a division between north and south. On the contrary, we are slowly becoming an industry as a whole. Ramcharan also said he wanted to work in other languages. Just like their predecessors Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan did.

Ramcharan said, I want to work in Gujarati language. Apart from that, there are ideas about Bengali movies. I want to work in Bengali films. I have no objection to working in a Bengali film if a director thinks of me.

After Corona, several Hindi films failed at the box office. Southern films have taken their place there. The craze created by the film ‘Pushpa’ for Southern films across the country continues to grow. Meanwhile, ‘RRR’, ‘KGF 2’, ‘Kantara’, all movies have created good box office response.

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