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Srabanti again in a wedding dress, the sarcasm of Internet users

Srabanti again in a wedding dress, the sarcasm of Internet users

Tollywood actress Srabanti Chatterjee talks more about her personal life than her acting career. So far he has been married three times. But a family did not last. Recently, this actress was seen as a bride. This photo is going viral on social media. After seeing Sravanti’s photo, netizens asked – but the actress concluded her fourth marriage. He was also the victim of sarcasm.

In the images that have gone viral on social media, Srabanti wears two-tone orange and queen pink silk, with a matching pink blouse and pink veil. Shola crown on her head, gold jewelry on her, sandalwood kalka on her cheeks and forehead, the actress looks very sweet.

It is known that the viral images are in fact those of Srabanti’s photo shoot. The actress shot a video for fashion designer Rudra Saha.

However, a group of netizens were shocked to see Srabanti in a wedding dress. Someone wrote – ‘The fourth marriage is done or not? One of them writes – “You can beat uncle Prosenjit, get marriage number four”. Someone wrote – ‘The son is of marriageable age, now remarry!’ Someone else wrote – ‘Haven’t you got a job to do but take wedding photos? An expression of mental depression.

But as always, the heroine does not want to pay attention to trolls. Srabanti is currently busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Kaveri Antardhaan’.

It should be noted that the name of Srabanti’s first husband is Rajeev Biswas. He is a filmmaker by profession. They married in 2003 after a long period of love. They separated in 2016. Srabanti has a son named Jhinuk in this house. He now lives with his mother. That same year, Srabanti married model Krishan Viraj. This family did not even last a year. Later in 2019, this actress filed for divorce against Roshan within a year of getting married.

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