Sravanti celebrating at the hotel, sarcasm from Internet users

Sravanti celebrating at the hotel, sarcasm from Internet users

Entertainment desk: Wearing a black slit dress, shoes of the same color. Light lipstick on the lips. Leave the hair loose on the shoulders. Srabanti Chatterjee posted a video on Instagram Reels. This heroine was captured in such an attractive way.


It is known that actress Falak Rashid Roy’s birthday party was recently held at a five-star hotel near the Kolkata bypass. Besides Srabanti, Raj Chakraborty, Subhasree Ganguly, Rudranil Ghosh and many others appeared in this party. And Srabanti was framed in this form in this party.

Everything was fine. Netizens were impressed with the smoothness of Sravanti’s body. But much of the net world attacked the actress with “dirty” language. whose comments are in no way publishable. But out of politeness, some commented on it sarcastically.

One named Ankur wrote, ‘Bhimrit in old age.’ Suranjan Das wrote “Hot Aunty”. Majumdar Shakeel wrote: “Attractive avatar”. There are so many comments in the comment box.

Indian Bengali film actress Srabanti Chatterjee is in talks throughout the year. However, this heroine is more in the news for personal than professional reasons. After divorcing her first husband Rajib, Srabanti married two more times.

A bank account is required to go abroad

After breaking up the second marriage, she moved in with Roshan Singh. His third family is also about to break up. Although not a formal split, Srabanti has been estranged for a long time. However, forgetting all about the past, he got involved in a love affair with a businessman named Abhirup Chowdhury.

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