Srimukhi’s wedding!

Srimukhi’s wedding!

Srimukhi is a popular South Indian film actress. He also gained great fame as a conductor. Sreemukhi is the highest paid in the Telugu TV industry. There are rumors that the actress has a relationship with a businessman in her personal life. Until a few months ago, the news of her marriage was in the showbiz arena. We hear again that Sreemukhi is going to marry this businessman lover. reported in a report that Sreemukhi is in love with a successful businessman. They both decided to get married. And after informing both families about the relationship, their parents agreed to the marriage. Sreemukhi has around 5 million followers on Instagram. Sreemukhi will announce the wedding preparations on social media very soon.

Even though the press and social media have discussed Srimukhi’s marriage, the actress has yet to open her mouth. However, last October Srimukhi, 29, said she would marry before she turned 30. And will leave the showbiz arena after marriage.

Explaining the reason for her departure from the showbiz arena, Sreemukhi said, “After marriage, I won’t be in showbiz anymore. I will work in any show or movie before the wedding. But not after marriage. Because after the wedding, I want to spend all my time with my husband and my family.

Sreemukhi entered the showbiz arena by presenting a TV program called “Adhurs”. Later he presented popular TV shows like “Super Singer”. He got a great response in a short time.

Sreemukhi entered the film industry in 2012 with the Telugu film ‘Julai’. He worked with popular southern cinema actors like Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun, Nitin. The awaited film ‘Bhola Shankar’ starring Srimukhi. It stars Chiranjeevi, Tamannaah Bhatia, Keerthy Suresh. Its release is scheduled for April 14.

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