SS Rajamouli makes BIG statement RRR is not a Bollywood movie amid Golden Globes win for Naatu Naatu

SS Rajamouli makes BIG statement RRR is not a Bollywood movie amid Golden Globes win for Naatu Naatu

New Delhi: India’s first victory at the Golden Globe Awards. The popular song “Naatu Naatu” from SS Rajamouli’s film “RRR” (RRR) won the country’s first Golden Globe award. Undoubtedly a great victory for the country. At the same time, this film has the possibility of a trip to the Oscars. And in the meantime, the director has passed on a big message. While speaking, he clearly stated “RRR is not a Bollywood movie”.

“RRR is not a Bollywood movie”

Recently, there was a special exhibition of the film ‘RRRR’ in the ‘Directors Guild’ of America. The director of the film spoke there. He said: ‘Rar is no longer a Bollywood movie it’s a Telugu movie made in South India where I’m from but instead of stopping the movie and giving you a piece of music and dance, I used song to drive the story forward.’ He added: “I wanted to use those elements to push the movie forward… If at the end of the movie you say you don’t feel like a three hour movie, then I know I’m a successful director. “. .’

Recently, the song “Natu Natu” won Best Song at the 80th Golden Globe Awards. The film’s song depicts Indian dance and friendship. Through this song, the depth of the friendship between the two main characters of the film, Ram and Bhima, is revealed. Stars like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga were in the Golden Globe competition.

“Natu Natu” was also nominated in the “Original Song” category at the 95th Academy Awards. Ram Charan said that if this song wins an Oscar then maybe he will dance to this song on stage with Jr. NTR. The song is composed by veteran musical director MM Keeravani and sung by Kala Bhairav ​​and Rahul Shipliganj.

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On the other hand, butter maker Amul has always grabbed attention with clever advertising. The company made an advertisement based on the honor that “Natu Natu” won as Best Original Song. Kumaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju are seen dancing with bread and butter. From clothes to hairstyles, everything is just like the heroes on screen. And among them is music director MM Keeravani who holds the Golden Globe. This photo has gone viral.

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