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Star cat in the puja, danced by Srabanti-Nusrat-Shubashree


Star cat in the puja, danced by Srabanti-Nusrat-Shubashree

Star cat in the puja, danced by Srabanti-Nusrat-Shubashree

Entertainment Office: Although they spend time filming throughout the year, this time on the occasion of Durga Puja, the stars of the Tollywood film industry spend their time in a fun way. Walking around in various puja mandaps, chatting with family and friends. And forgetting about the diet, they indulged in different types of food.

A house party was held at Raj-Shubashree’s house on the night of Saptami. And on Mahashtami day, the famous star couple Yash-Nusrat Jahan organized a pooja chat. Boney Sengupta-Kaushani to Srabanti Chatterjee-Avirup Chowdhury appeared in this national holiday. Srabanti appeared at the party with her beloved boyfriend Abhirup. Even though they weren’t standing side by side, they were caught in the same frame. This heroine was dressed in red salwar.

The stars present danced at the feast of Yash-Nusrat. Subhasree not only looked stunning in a pink saree, but also danced. Mimi Chakraborty was present at this party even though she was not taken in a frame with Subhasree-Raj. Mimi was dressed in a gold saree and a brown sleeveless blouse; Actress Parno Mitra is seen next to him.

Nusrat Jahan danced with her husband Yash Dasgupta that day. On the other hand, Srabanti chose Soham as a dance partner, not Abhirup, a lover. Yash-Nusrat was the host of the black-clad party on Ashtami’s evening. Mohmayi Nusrat in black chiffon. On the other hand, Bukchera is the handsome Yash in a black shirt. They caught a frame with Boney-Kaushani present at the party.

Opening time/October 5, 2022/AHA

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