Stars and how many secrets and lies?


Stars and how many secrets and lies?

Almost the same drama! But like Apu Biswas, Bubli didn’t suddenly reveal it on live TV. On the contrary, there was already a discussion among entertainment journalists about Shakib-Bubli’s relationship. This was not revealed because the proof was not in hand alone! Finally, Shakib Khan and Bubli ended the era of drama. Shakib Khan and Shabnam Bubli officially spoke. says they are husband and wife! Shakib Khan said: “Shehzad Khan Vir, my son and that of Bubli, our little prince. I’ve been with Shehzad from the start, I am and I always will be. I wish you all my prayers for our child.

Meanwhile, Shakib Apu took part in a media photo op together after chatting Apu Biswas live, but later it was seen that the divorce happened within days. Shakib Khan divorced Apu Biswas. When asked if the same incident would happen again, Shakib Bubli both replied: ‘Time will tell’. Will they tell different lies this time too? Which one will you believe the media then?

Bubli said, ‘Shehzad Khan Bir, me and Shakib’s son, is our little prince. My children are my pride, my strength. I wish you all my prayers for our child. Later, Shakib and Bubli asked for prayers for the child via a Facebook post. Both also posted photos with the child. Even though they post separately, the message of both posts is the same. Shakib and Bubli wrote in their verified Facebook post, “We wanted to bring our child in front of everyone on an auspicious day. But whatever Allah does, He does for good. The good news did not wait long. Shehzad Khan Bir is my child and that of Bubli, our little prince. My children are my pride, my strength. I ask you all to pray for our child. Earlier, many people in the film industry confirmed the same news regarding the rumors that have been circulating about Shakib Khan and Shabnam Bubli for the past few days. Some sources close to the family of the two confirm that they have become parents. They also said that Bubli gave birth at Long Island Jewish Medical Hospital in New York, United States. She gave birth to a son on March 21, 2020. The child was named Shehzad Khan Bir. Bubli hid before giving birth. According to the family source, Bubli flew to the United States on an Emirates Airlines flight in January 2020. After breaking cover for 9 months, he came ahead of everyone. When he came to Dhaka, Bubli told the media, “Did you study in New York for a long time? But there was no truth in this news. Instead, her film co-stars immediately unofficially declared that they were married and had children. Bubli hung up her phone as she was about to ask such a question. On the contrary, he threatened to lie! Originally, Shabnam Bubli entered the discussion by starring alongside Shakib Khan in the movie “Basgiri”. While starring in the film, news of their romance was heard at some point. Shabnam Bubli’s love affair with Shakib Khan has been discussed for several years. In March 2017, the news of the two people’s love was published in the media on the sidelines of these discussions. Although there have been several rumors about love and marriage, none of them have said anything clearly about it. Both have worked in films in their own way. Meanwhile, on September 27, Bubli posted two photos of her baby bump on her verified Facebook page. There he wrote: “I with my life, reject America”. After that, the mystery began to unfold. Everyone starts talking, so is Bubli really a mother?

Finally, it was revealed that Bubli became a mother, that too on March 21, 2020. Yesterday they officially brought up the issue of the child. Prior to this, Apu Biswas became somewhat arrogant and aloof after signing on for Shakib’s new film starring Bubli. He also admitted it on a live broadcast. It was an expression of anger that I didn’t get those jobs and was left out! Similarly, for 1 year, when the couple broke up with Bubli and announced a new job, they went public with the news of the child voluntarily kept by Bubli. Apart from this, the news that Shakib Khan is having his first child with heroine Ratri is also being published by netizens and entertainment journalists citing various sources. However, none of this has been proven. Because although earlier there was a habit of hiding the issue of love, now not only love, but also marriage, family and growing up children, stars repeatedly lie to the media themselves . Also in the public talk show, journalists talk about themselves or fake stuff! In this situation, the question is – how much can the logic of Shakib Khan and his wives be trusted? Stars and how many secrets and lies?

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