Start with ‘Nasek Nasek’, end with ‘Hey Samalo’


Start with ‘Nasek Nasek’, end with ‘Hey Samalo’

Coke Studio Bangla started its journey in Bangladesh on February 7 this year. The first song “Nasek Nasek” was released on February 23.

And on Thursday (September 01) the last song of this season was released on the platform’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

This song is a mix of two songs ‘Hey Samalo’ and ‘Ora Amar Mukha Katha Kaira Neena Chhai’. Bappa Majumder, Samina Chowdhury, Arnab, Sunidhi Naik, Rituraj and many other artists participated.

About “Hey Samalo”, Coke Studio Bangla said, “We never gave an inch to get our rights. Whenever there was an obstacle, we moved in protest. And one means of this protest was our mass music. The song “Hey Samalo” is a living document of the awakening of the durbar of the people, to defend their rights. This song written by Salil Chowdhury on the Tevaga movement of these deprived people in 1946-1948.”

It is further said of the popular song “Ora Amar Mukha Katha” written in the context of the language movement, “Protest gives rise to another protest”. And so, in 1952, the attack of the ruling group on our language, the brave Bengalis opposed it. It was then that Abdul Latif’s immortal creation “Ora Amar Mukha Katha” was born. This timeless song where the small band of Bandarbans created strange magical tunes on their own flutes. Added to this is the Raibeshe war dance which is one of the oldest folk dances. ”

Sharing the song, Coke Studio Bangla said, “Love for Bengali language is the last performance of our first season. See you soon in the second season of Coke Studio Bangla. ‘

Incidentally, the total number of songs released in the first season is 9. In the new music production, music producer Shayan Chowdhury Arnab merged several songs.

Bangladesh time: 1611 hours, 02 September 2022

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