Still love rumors, what Srabanti said

Still love rumors, what Srabanti said

Srabanti Chatterjee is one of Tollywood’s most criticized actresses. Her personal life has been criticized more than her acting career. Ruptures in his married life, new relationships are often heard. Although he tried to hide it, Srabanti’s personal life came to light.

After breaking up with Roshan Singh, Abhirup Nag Chowdhury brings a touch of spring into his life. In a residence adjacent to Ruby’s, each other’s neighbors are Srabanti lookalikes. Since then, conversation, identity and love have been buzzing. They have been seen several times, in several places. They also traveled overseas together. But suddenly the rhythm drops. The heroine is in a relationship with Abhirup. We hear they broke up. But in early December, Abhirup-Sravanti was seen in a different guise. Abhirup shared the actress’ photo on social media and said “thank you”.

If this is the relationship between Abhirup-Sravanti? Or is the news of the separation just rumors? But why did Abhirup suddenly express his gratitude to Srabanti? Abhirup recently started a new business. On the first day of this special friend’s new business, Srabanti went to the opening of this boutique. Abhirup therefore thanked the actress via her social networks. Currently, the husband has gone to court to file for divorce from Roshan Singh.

We hear that Srabanti demanded Khorposh. But Srabanti has always pretended to be single.

The actress said she doesn’t want to think about anything other than work right now.

Source: Anandabazar Newspaper

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