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Stop making friends my son-in-law: Subah

Stop making friends my son-in-law: Subah

Entertainment desk: Model actress Humaira Subha always likes to be in conversation. He is involved in many controversies over his personal life. This time, in continuation of that, Subha posted some photos on his personal Facebook profile at 11:40 p.m. Thursday.


Subha posted the three photos on Facebook with the caption “Her and me”. After that I added love emojis. But the face of the person in the photo is blurry in Photoshop. So that the people in the photo are not clearly recognizable.

Netizens have since started wishing him luck in the comments section. Some people think that the actress may have married for the third time.

This model did not take the problem well. Then on Friday, Subah posted another photo with this “special man” and wrote, I didn’t show my face and didn’t say who he is! Son-in-law or boyfriend! He may not be the one! I hid his face because of a problem. The most important thing is that he is my very good friend and friend of danger.

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We Bengalis don’t know anything about anyone and we impose the trick of wishing them and criticizing them, that’s our ethnic problem. Mr. Perfect is just the son-in-law! If the son-in-law and boyfriend were so perfect, there would be no breakup or divorce with anyone. But sometimes a good friend is the perfect person for someone. Stop making my friends my boyfriend or my son-in-law without knowing it.

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