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Subarna Mustafa floats with birthday wishes

Subarna Mustafa floats with birthday wishes

Actress Suborna Mustafa is the pride of the Bangladeshi theater scene. Taking him as a source of inspiration, many actors came to the country’s stage. Today, Friday, is the birthday of this popular artist and deputy. There is never a special event on his birthday. The day is celebrated in a family atmosphere.
Few acting artists expressed their expression in wishing him on his birthday today. Legendary Living Actor Masood Ali Khan said, “My boyfriend is a good friend of Subarna Mustafa, Gholam Mustafa’s daughter. Happy birthday to him. Subarna is also an MP. We have a lot of expectations from him. Subarna is a shining name in the landscape of Bangladesh. I always wish him good health and well-being.

Veteran actor, producer Afzal Hossain said that a certain Subarna Mustafa became an actor from the start. An artist like Subarna Mustafa has unlimited potential as an actor. But despite this, in the context of our country, artists are also powerless. A time has passed when the public was delighted to see Subarna’s performance. Subarna was also regular at work. But now the times are such that those who have experience in acting are more fulfilled and do not remember the public.

I can’t really express how sad and depressing it is. I want Subarna Mustafa to do more good work to keep his game alive in the minds of the public. Actress Nandit Dolly Jahoor said, “My cordiality with Subarna is always very good. Now I don’t even meet him like before, communication is less. But I like it very much.

From Baba’s Pen, Octopus to the movie Shankhneel Jail, we’ve done a lot together. How many sweet sweet memories we have. Subarna’s mind is very big. Many wishes for his birthday.

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