Subhashri said on the crowded stage I want to get pregnant again and again


Subhashri said on the crowded stage I want to get pregnant again and again

Entertainment desk: The era has advanced. It’s understandable that stars like to stay on the timeline all the time. Be it the world of television or Bollywood, Tollywood actors and actresses. So sometimes all of their videos, pictures appear in the net world which easily catch viewers attention.They like them very much.

You all know actor Subhasree Ganguly. Subhasree Ganguly is a popular Tollywood actress, born on November 3, 1989. She is an Indian actress and model who works in Bengali cinema. She is one of the leading and popular actresses of Tollywood. Subhasree Ganguly After becoming a mother, Subhasree Ganguly got caught up in various hotties on a trip to the Maldives to enjoy her life well again. A few days ago, she was running in the Maldives with her husband and children.

Sometimes various videos of the actress go viral. Recently, standing on the stage of an awards show, the actress said in front of everyone, I want to be pregnant again and again, it’s like giving birth to another child! That’s exactly the feeling I get every time. Yes, the actress was heard to say so.

In fact, the feeling of motherhood is different for every girl. Every girl has one desire in life which is to become a mother. Once a woman becomes a mother, a woman realizes the joy of being a mother. Thus, the actress understood that the feeling of being a mother is not acquired. So she stood on the stage of this vocal show and again told everyone that she wanted to be a mother again and again. Even standing on stage, the actress can be heard talking a lot about her performance with the award.

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Netizens saw this video and felt very proud to hear actress Subhasree say such words. The video was uploaded from YouTube channel Tube Light News just a few days ago. 12,000 people watched this video and many people liked it too. Watch this video too.

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