Subhasree Parambrata: Subhasree Stole All Eyes At Trailer Launch Event, Parambrata Opens Up Story


Subhasree Parambrata: Subhasree Stole All Eyes At Trailer Launch Event, Parambrata Opens Up Story

Kolkata: He shines in red clothes. ‘Boudi Canteen’ owner Subhasree Ganguly caught the eye at the trailer launch event with open hair, a red-gold glow. Next to director Parambrata Chatterjee (Parambrata Chatterjee). If a woman ends up in the kitchen, in business, what harm is there? The new film ‘Boudi Canteen’ comes to tell a story about the lives of girls.

The trailer for the film has just been released. And there are a few questions. Women’s independence means being like men? Does business go to the Bengali caste? Masculine and feminine, who defines these adjectives? etc All these questions will be answered in the new film.

Director Parambrata says of the film, “Baudi Canteen” is a very light rice story. The story of a girl who finds her own love, her passion, and the journey of various ups and downs that occur in her life. Working with all these artists, directing, is a very good experience. Subhasree really did a great job in this movie. And Soham (Soham Chakraborty) is great too. Joy Sarkar’s music blended beautifully into this film.

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The trailer for Parambrata Chatterjee’s second film, Boudi Canteen, has been released. Aritra Sen wrote the story for the new film Boudi Canteen. Screenplay by Somasree Ghosh and Samrajni Bandyopadhyay. Dialogue written by Samrajni Banerjee. The additional screenplay is written by Parambrata himself. He made this movie. This movie will tell the story of finding the existence of a girl who likes to cook. Subhasree Ganguly is playing the lead role in the film and the director himself will be seen alongside Subhasree in this film. Soham Chakraborty is also in the film.

Parambrata, Subhasree, Anusuya Majumder, Joy Sarkar, Sreejath, Aritra Sen and others attended the trailer launch event. This movie will be released on the 30th of this month.

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