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Subir Nandi will remain immortal through the songs: Sabina Yasmin

Subir Nandi will remain immortal through the songs: Sabina Yasmin

Subir Nandy (1953 – 2019). Photo: archive photo


Subir Nandy (1953 – 2019). Photo: archive photo

Subir Nandi’s tender voice keeps the audience mesmerized. It spreads a strange magic of music, it is deep in people’s minds. Today is the artist’s 69th birthday.

On Subir Nandi’s birthday, Sabina Yasmin, co-singer of many of his songs, told the Daily Star, “I sometimes remember Subir Nandi. There’s really nothing new to say about his songs. His songs have a different theme. The hearts of the public are touched. A completely different voice. The new generation likes his songs, it’s a very good aspect of Guy. His songs should be properly stored. We sang many songs together, including “Rahmat bhai, tome naam dastkhat shikhatan chai” in the movie “Chuthir Jhanta”, “Buke Matha Rekha” in the movie “Akratejna”, “Ae Deh Amar” in the movie “Kusumkali” . He will be immortal thanks to the music.

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Subir Nandi was born on November 30, 1953 into a noble family of musicians in Nandipara, Baniachang Upazila of Habiganj district. Her childhood was spent in the tea plantation due to her father’s job.

Immortal songs in the voice of Subir Nandi include: ‘Din jai katha hale’, ‘Amar ae two chokh pattar to nai’, ‘There is nothing called love in this world’, ‘Asha hila minde minde’, ‘Master saab ami naam dastkhat khinna chai’, ‘Thousands of questions in mind’ and ‘Bandhu tor barat niya’.

The list also includes the songs: ‘Bandhu Hoon Chai Tomar’, ‘Kat Je Toke Beseshi Good’, ‘Paharer Kanna Seeh’, ‘I Learned To Cry From The Rain’, ‘Ekta Thila Sonar Kainya’ and ‘O Amer Udal Pankhire ‘.

Subir Nandi’s music by Hatekhri Maa Puthul Rani. Later, he trained in classical music at Ustad Babar Ali Khan. He first sang in Sylhet Betar in 1967. In 1970 he made his first song on Dhaka Radio titled “If anyone burns incense”. The song is written by Mohammad Muzakker and composed by Ustad Mir Kasem.

Subir Nandi sang for the first time in a film in 1976 in the film ‘Suryaghimka’. In 1981, his solo album ‘Subir Nandir Gaan’ was released from Disco Recordings.

In 2019, Subir Nandi was awarded the “Ekushey Padak” by the Government of Bangladesh for his outstanding contribution to music. He has received the National Film Award 5 times. Award-winning films include: Mahanayak (1984), Shubada (1986), Shravan Megher Din (1999), Megher Pari Megh (2004) and Mahua Sundari (2015).

Veteran musician Subir Nandi passed away on May 7, 2019.

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