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Suchander spends time in worship

Suchander spends time in worship

Powerful actress Kohinoor Akhtar Suchanda. This actress, who once rocked the big screen, now spends her time in worship. In a recent conversation at the FDC, he said, “To tell the truth, I’m still alive.” Very busy period. I was, I am and I will be in the film. My family is now very large with a husband, son, daughter and grandchildren. Try to move them forward and teach them something good. I’ve made moviegoers laugh and cry all my life. Now coming to the end, I pass the time through religious activities, including prayer and fasting.
He said, now the time is passing in worship. Because at some point we all have to leave the world. So I pray to persuade Allah to honor me in the hereafter after death. Regular worship brings me peace.
Suchanda said, I have never seen my own interests so great. We are artists. I’ve worked for audiences in movies all my life. Because I believe there are lessons in film stories. For society to benefit. People follow us. So I also do social work when I have time. Because people’s love sent me. Today I am blessed with their encouragement.
In response to a question about Shakib Khan, he said: “We have to accept both the good and the bad.” What happened to Shakib Khan, however, is his personal matter. There should be no factionalism on this. But we should focus on what he does and how he does for our films.
In response to being asked whether or not the movie will suffer, Suchanda said he was a hero. When he works in films, there is discussion and criticism. Because it is the place of his public. By doing so, profit and loss can be calculated in the industry. But if someone does something outside of work, it doesn’t harm the industry. Because it’s personal. It should therefore not be dragged into the place of professionalism and criticized. We should support whoever the public likes.
He said about the two Babita Champa sisters, we are three sisters bound by a thread. Whenever the opportunity arises, the three sisters and their children hang out together. Apart from that, we three sisters go together to the relative and even to the doctor.
Kohinoor Akhtar Suchanda was born on September 19, 1947 in Satkhira, Jessore. He started his acting career in the 1960s. His two younger sisters Babita and Champa are two powerful actresses in Dhaliwood. The actor Riaz is his cousin. In 2008, he won the National Film Award for Best Director for directing the film Thousand Years. Additionally, in 2019, he received the National Film Award in the Lifetime Achievement category.
Suchanda started acting in 1965 in a documentary by famous actor Kazi Khalek. He made his film debut in 1966 with the film Paper Boat directed by Subhash Dutt. Later, in 1967, he acted in the Hindu mythology film Behula. He played there opposite Razzak. His most remarkable images are taken on the spot. His other notable films are Moner Mot Bau, Chawa Pawa, Nayantara, Suyorani Duyorani, Je Agune Pudi, Kach Swarga and Ashru Kya. Apart from acting, he has also produced films.

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