Suddenly meet two dilar


Suddenly meet two dilar

One is Dilara Zaman, the other is Dilara Yasmin. Dilara Zaman is an Ekushey Award winning actress. He was seen more while acting in dramas. However, the number of films in which he starred, each one was loved by the audience. He also received the National Film Award for his performance in the film. On the other hand, Dilara began acting in films as the heroine of Yasmin. Later, he won the hearts of the public by playing different roles. Dilara Yasmin is still playing.

Dilara Zaman and Dilara Yasmin were invited to the same event last Thursday. They met at this event. The two sat together at the event. This is why Dilara Yasmin had the opportunity to speak at length with Dilara Zaman.

Dilara Zaman said, Dilara mainly acted in movies. He tries to settle there. Dilara is exactly what a civilized artist means. Many prayers for Dilara.

Dilara Yasmin said: I have met the respected Dilara Zaman Apa several times in my life. But I never had the chance to play with him. I’m also a big fan of his acting. As much as she is a remarkable human being, she is a complete and unique actress. I don’t know how a person can be 100% complete in all aspects. He is such a perfect person that I respect and love so much.

Meanwhile, Dilara Zaman has said she is going to star in a new drama series for Deepta TV. Dilara Yasmin last performed in ZH Mintu’s “Kshama Nei”. Dilara Yasmin’s first film was ‘Sundari’ directed by Amjad Hossain. After that he did ‘Last Answer’, ‘Tin Bahadur’, ‘Now Time’, ‘Najma’, ‘Samar’, ‘Black Rose’, ‘Aasati’, ‘Samrat’, ‘Awlad’, ‘Nadira’, ‘Asha Nirasha’. ‘, ‘Rakter Bandi’ and starred in many other films. His famous play ‘Nawab Sirajuddaula’ on stage. Dilara Zaman first performed on television in 1967 in the play “Pinis” written by Khan Zainul.

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