Sujan Arif will sing song day today


Sujan Arif will sing song day today

Sujan Arif entered the music world professionally in 2001. His career revolves around music. Apart from singing, he composes and composes songs. On Sunday, October 16, Sujan Arif will sing in the fourteenth episode of Enigma Multimedia’s regular show “Aaj Ganer Din”. ‘Aaj Ganer Din’ will air live on Enigma TV at 10 p.m.

Sujan Arif received the ‘Best Solo Performer’ award, ‘Benson & Hedges Star Search 2001’ in recognition of his contribution to music. His achievements also include CJFB Cultural Award and Bangladesh Film Journalist Society Award.

The artist will sing his favorite songs and those of the public during the event. Although his real name is Ariful Islam, this artist is popularly known as Sujan Arif. Sujan Arif is the second of three daughters and a son of Mohammad Rafiq Ullah and Rokeya Begum. His older sister Taapsee Ruma was by his side as a guide or guru on his musical journey.

Sujan Arif’s album ‘O Putul Amar Putul’ with lyrics and music by Prince Mahmud was released in 2002, song ‘Prema Tome Niye’ was released in 2006. His song ‘Bhalobasi Re’ was released in 2014.

This is how the artist Sujan Arif captured the hearts of the public with the songs of modern and rock bands. In addition to singing in several films, he worked as a musical director in four films. His popular songs include – ‘100 Raat’, ‘Bhalobasi Re’, ‘Chal Ghuni’, ‘Shono Ei Katha’ etc.

The artist’s first official journey in the group began in 2002 with the group ‘Samay’. Then embarked on ‘Brigade 71’ in 2008. As the lead singer of the latest young generation’s favorite band ‘Feedback’, he blew rock music audiences away.


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