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“Sultana Guti Lipi also has a unique background”

“Sultana Guti Lipi also has a unique background”

Moushumi Hamid has worked in showbiz for over a century. During this long period, he faced various experiences. It is both a bitter and sweet experience. Some experiences surprised him. It’s as if the director told him some kind of script or showed him the set and saw that the story had changed. As he went to the set after hearing the character and saw that there was nothing close to the character!

Comment by Moushumi Hamid: “In many cases, I knew my character from listening to or reading the script, but I went to one set and saw another. Many such incidents have happened to me.

Why did Moushumi Hamid suddenly share the bitter experience that happened to him? There are reasons. Moushumi Hamid starring Charki original series ‘Guti’ was released early in the new year. The actress played the role of Lipi in this series of seven episodes directed by Shankh Dasgupta.

The series mainly revolves around a woman named Sultana. This Sultana has been associated with a local drug trafficking network for several years. During this time he gained a lot of money and wealth, but in return he lost close people, relationships, trust and hope. There is no escape from this job. Ajmeri Haque Bandhan played the role of this Sultana. Naturally, the focus of the story should be on him. Incidentally, the other characters progressed at the same rate. Moushumi Hamid claims that her character in Guti also grew independently. In saying this, he referred to the bitter old experience.

Moushumi said, “There was no hiding place in Guti. I did what the director told me on day one about the character’s beautiful journey, and the director gave me that.

Moushumi also told Sultana that the series was unscripted. He said, Guti is basically Sultana’s story. He’s a different character. Here, my character is also different and unique. My storyline in Guti may not be long, but I have a different background here. What the audience liked. I also made the character freely. There was no doubt that why should I do a small character like Lippi in addition to Sultana?

Why did you do it? Moushumi’s answer against the question, ‘Not just small, if I’m covered in any big story, if I have a chance to do something good even for five minutes. I will also take advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile, at the very end of the year, a movie called “Hudson’s Gun” starring Moushumi was released in theaters. He recently finished acting in another movie titled “Yapit Jeevan”.

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