Sunerah will do the work requested by everyone


Sunerah will do the work requested by everyone

Entertainment desk: The crackling of wood is warm. The temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. Sometimes goes up to 38 degrees. Actress Sunerah Binte Kamal sleeps until noon in the scorching heat. Soonerah said sleepily, I just woke up. Sleep until this time! You don’t sleep at night? Sunerah said, “I work at night. I don’t just act. I also work. During the day there is no busy work. Thus, private work is done in the silence of the night. I sleep early in the morning.

Meanwhile, Sunerah sleeps until noon, while her short film “Mashari” tours around the world. Report success. Meanwhile, Nuhash Humayun’s ‘Moshari’ won Best Horror Film at the Holyshorts Film Festival in the United States. When asked how she felt about the success of her performance, Sunerah said, “After production, the film earned respect from all over the world. As a performer, it is undoubtedly a great honor. Spoke to Nuhash after hearing the news. He said my performance is also appreciated there. These are very inspiring.

Sunerah won the National Film Award for her first career film ‘No’ Dorai. Although the scope of the work did not increase much later, he always tried to keep the expectations of the public towards him. Several of his dramas have come into discussion on the small screen. It also works in OTT. Although the performance is appreciated, why is the number of jobs less? To such a question, Sunerah replied, “He was very aware of the story and the character from the start. Since I have been employed, the number of jobs is less. For this, there is more chance of selection. There is an effort, the work I do must appeal to the public. Let them find something new. During this time, Sunerah said her focus on learning acting has increased. The level of acting care has also increased. So Sunerah gives time to learn how to play. He also started acting school classes.

Is this school of acting only from persecution? Or is there another reason? Sunerah said: ‘No. Nothing like. I learn to play to improve the game.’ Sunerah looked very lively and cheerful when she started working. There is nothing like it in the current Sunera. Avoid chatting. Gradually become introverted. This actress gave a nice explanation of the matter. He said, ‘Now I’m growing up. As people grow, a separate world is created which is exclusively their own world. Now I like spending time in my own world. Take care of yourself, walk like you. Engagement has also increased. What else is it….’

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Actress Sunerah will also present. However, many come to his presentation on request. Dailystar will launch the OTT and Digital Content Awards for the first time tomorrow. Soonerah will host this awards ceremony. The actress is very nervous about it. He said, I will give the presentation for the first time. Feeling quite nervous. But I won’t spoil the optimism.

So, start the presentation? ‘No no no I will not give presentations regularly. This is done on request”.

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