Sunny Leone Stormed Again in “Nach Baby”


Sunny Leone Stormed Again in “Nach Baby”

Entertainment Office: Sunny Leone, ‘Naam Hi Kafi Hai’ is taking social media by storm. Every time he came on screen, the mercury went up in heat. Sunny has added another dimension to the object dance in Bollywood. He attracted attention in several films, his list is quite long. However, after several days, he returned to the screen, but not on the big screen, for the moment sensational Sunny on the cellphone screen. Her “Nach Baby” music video was released on Tuesday. A few hours after its release, nearly 2 million viewers watched this video.

Sunny was caught in a very old fashioned outfit, but Sunny isn’t alone, choreographer and director Remo D’Souza was seen with him in this video. Two stars touted in this 3 minute, 46 second music video. At the start of the video, Sunny was seen in a pink lehenga. Sunny again spreads the heat on the bare back. Matching pearl jewelry with pink lehenga and small green color tip on the forehead. Sunny is eye-catching in her old outfit. Along with the heroine, Remo’s dress was also light pink in color. Backstage, Remo danced with Sunny onscreen.

But not just the pink lehenga, Sunny looked equally charming in the white lehenga in this video. Apart from Sunny and Remo, the music video also features singer Bhumi Trivedi. The song ‘Nach Baby’ composed by Bipin Patwa is written by Kumar, sung by Bipin Patwa and Bhumi Trivedi. The clip was released Tuesday on YouTube. This video has been all the rage on social networks since its release. Within hours, the number of viewers of this video exceeded 2 million or 20 lakhs, in a sense Sunny Leone is viral again.
Source: G24

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