Superstar Dev Praises Most Talented Actress Khayli


Superstar Dev Praises Most Talented Actress Khayli

Entertainment desk: Khayali Mandal lit up the stage in Dance Dance Junior Season 3 through dance gymnastics. The plot of this series which revolves around the life story of a gymnast has made a breakthrough in the world of Bengali television.

Yes! The talk is about Star Jalsa’s popular “Alta Farding” series. Actress Khayali Mondal, who played the main character of the series, recently surprised the audience with a surprise appearance on the stage of Dance Dance Junior Season 3.

The life of the grasshopper is constantly changing. But despite all these things, she always had her husband Bank Babu by her side. The identity of his father as well as the conspiracy with his mother Radharani Naskar has been brought before everyone and amidst this tension, Khyali Mandal surprised the viewers of Bengal as well as the judges by appearing on this TV show recently- popular reality.

But on this day, she was not the only one who appeared with her, Vidisha Gayen, the winner of the senior category of the Sarabangla women’s gymnastics competition. Khayali Mondal and Vidisha Gayen lit up the stage in Dance Dance Junior Season 3 with their gymnastic and dance moves. On that day, the extraordinary and unique beautiful performance of two female gymnasts shocked all of Bengal.

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The audience, including Asin Dev, Rukmini, Manami, seated at the judge’s seat, greeted the heroine of the series and Vidisha, the winning gymnast, with applause. In the caption of this video shared from the channel’s official page, the authority of the Dhamakedar channel presented the two surprises of this episode to all of Bengal!

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