Superstar Lakshmi Kakima indeed, Aparajita hinted at a new job after completing a series

Superstar Lakshmi Kakima indeed, Aparajita hinted at a new job after completing a series

Bangladeshi office: The year begins with the end of Serial. It has been heard for some time that Zee Bangla superstar Lakkhi Kakima (Lokkhi Kakima Superstar) is going to leave this time. ‘Lakshmi Kakima Superstar”s journey with Aparajita Adhya ended just a few days ago. The latest episode, however, has yet to hit TV screens. But Lakshmi Kakima is already busy with other work.

Aparajita is credited as one of the hosts of Zee’s new game show, “Ghare Gharre Zee Bangla”. He also gave another good news. Fans won’t have to wait long to see him back on TV screens.

Aparajita made a return to the series after several years. Although he often worked on the big screen, he couldn’t be seen on the small screen. After a long time, he returned to the series with the hand of ‘Lakshmi Kakima Superstar’. The public was delighted to find their favorite actress. But their happiness did not last long.

And Lakshmi Kakima Superstar will end in a few days. Although it’s unclear which new series will come in its place, Aparajita promised that he won’t be taking a long break like last time. And viewers will see it in the new series in a few months.

Lately, the mega series has lost the meaning of its name. A series ends in three to four months instead of three to four years. According to Aparajita, this is the current trend. It will therefore also return in a new form in a new story within three to four months.

Aparajita said he was told in advance that the series would end in a year. The actress’ only complaint is that Lakshmi Kakima was not explored properly. Many aspects could have been beautifully shown. The series continued for a few more days.

But all this did not happen. Expressing some anger, Aparajita says that even after persuading him, the creators need to know how the story will be told. Aparajita has nothing new to prove in 26 years of experience.

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