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Surprise from Calcutta to Siam!

Surprise from Calcutta to Siam!

Three days ago (January 20), the children’s movie “Adventure of Sundarbans” was released. Siam Ahmed, Parimani and many more starred in the Abu Rayhan produced film Jewel. However, Siam is unable to give physical time to promote the new film. Because he has been staying in Kolkata for several days.

Siam is far from the country, but Siam has not at all forgotten its responsibility. He has explained this on several occasions by posting regularly on social networks. Now a step ahead, Monday afternoon, January 23, he made a surprise from Calcutta. What’s inside ? In a nutshell, the answer could be “the Tollywood industry”!

Siam gave a video message from Kolkata, the city of joy. Where he is accompanied by Tollywood legend Prosenjit Chatterjee. Who is affectionately called “Bumba Da” and respected as “the industry”. This Nandit star wished all the best for the release of Siam.

Prosenjit in Siam video message Prosenjit said, “I’m very happy that Siam’s new movie has been released; Especially for children – ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’. Of course, we read the story many years ago. They made a movie out of it and you’re all going to see it.”

Prasenjit himself has also made films for children. He recalls, “I also do Kakababu every two years for children. In fact, the image is less for children. So it’s a great opportunity for everyone; Everyone go see the movie ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’. I also can’t wait to see the movie.

Immediately, Siam said, as soon as possible, ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ will be sent to Bumba Dar’s address.

It is important to say that Prosenjit and Siam are starring in a movie directed by Tollywood’s Sayantan Ghosal. Srabanti Chatterjee, Ayushi Talukder and others are also with them. Siam in Kolkata for the shooting of this film. The original title of the film is “Pratapaksha”.

Siam Ahmed with Prosenjit Note that ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ is based on Muhammad Zafar Iqbal’s juvenile novel ‘Ratuler Raat Ratuler Din’. A group of children including Abu Huraira Tanveer, Azad Abul Kalam, Shahidul Alam Sacchu, Kachi Khandkar, Ashish Khandkar also starred in this government funded movie.

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