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Sushmita Sen revealed the true face of Mahesh Bhatt

Sushmita Sen revealed the true face of Mahesh Bhatt

Entertainment desk: There is probably no one in India who does not know beauty queen and actress Sushmita Sen. After winning the Miss Universe pageant in 1994, the life of this girl from Bhavanipur changed overnight.

Mahesh Bhatt and Sushmita Sen

He prefers to live his life on his own terms. Although she is single, Sushmita, a mother of two children, does not lack interest in her personal life. But no controversy can swallow Sushmita Sen.

Recently, Sushmita Sen appeared as a guest on Twinkle Khanna’s YouTube channel. Actress Sushmita Sen shared her experience filming her first movie there. He recounted how director Mahesh Bhatt publicly insulted and assaulted him in front of the entire crew while filming the first movie.

Recently, another Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen, appeared as a guest on a special on Twinkle Khanna’s YouTube channel. The two actresses were busy reminiscing about the beginnings of their careers. At that time, Miss Universe Sushmita Sen shared her experience on the set of her first film. Sushmita Sen recounts in her memoirs that she had just won the title of Miss Universe.

After returning from Los Angeles, director Mahesh Bhatt called her to star in a movie. He himself called and offered Sushmita Sen to star in the film under his own name. Sushmita Sen was also very happy to receive the offer.

But shooting that first movie was the worst experience of his life. Mahesh Bhatt publicly insulted her on the sets of this film and even slapped her! Sushmita Sen says, “Mahesh Bhatt is a wonderful director. I had a scene of anger during the filming of the first scene of the first movie. At that moment, suddenly, he started insulting me. He started attacking me in front of 40 media workers, 20 production workers. And I started crying.

He kept saying, ‘Who did you bring? In front of the camera will show Miss Universe like this? He cannot act to save his life. Sushmita Sen continued, “I am very angry. I started to walk out of the set. Then Mahesh Bhatt held my hand. I got very angry, I threw my hand away and said, you can’t talk to me like that. I started walking again. Mahesh Bhatt held my hand again. And he said, that’s anger, come back to that and do this.

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By the way, a few days ago, Sushmita Sen came to social media about her relationship with Lalit Modi. Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi are still being discussed on various social media screens. Meanwhile, actress Sushmita Sen has landed a brand new role in the new web series Arya on Amazon Prime Video. All in all, her life is quite busy now.

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