Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Entertainment Office: Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has returned to her former love. Rohman Shall, who is 15 years younger, is her partner again. The former Miss Universe is seen spending most of the time with Rohman. Sometimes they are caught together by the journalists’ cameras, sometimes by the live actresses.

Is Dhankub’s lover Lalit Modi a thing of the past in Sushmita’s life? Such a question arose. But a few days ago, the love story between Sushmita Sen and businessman Lalit Modi was one of the hottest topics in Bollywood. Lalit’s Instagram profile had a smiling photo with Sushmita. Lalit also said that soon Sushmita would be his “better half”.

But suddenly everything changed. This photo of Lalit Modi with Sushmita has disappeared from her Instagram profile. Instead, there is a single image of Lalit with the Indian Premier League (IPL) logo. He was the founding president of IPL. Although this businessman lost this position due to corruption.

Sushmita Sen recently hosted a small family party on her mother’s birthday. The heroine’s alleged lover, Lalit Modi, was not invited to the event. Instead, Sushmita was accompanied there by her unequaled lover Rohman Shall. In a live, we see that Mashgul Rohman speaks with the people of the house of Sushmita.

Not only on their mother’s birthday, Sushmita Sen and Rohman were recently spotted together outside a decoration store in Mumbai. There they also posed together in front of the reporters’ cameras. So, two by two and four, fans of the heroine believe that Sushmita has found her love of three years. At the same time, the question is, Lalit is the past in Sushmita’s life?

Or do Sushmita and Rohman keep their promises? At the time of separation, both said that their friendship would never end. But is Sushmita-Rohman just a friend now? So why did IPL boss Lalit Modi, who was having fun with Sushmita, change his behavior on the net at that time? Is this a sign of separation?

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