Sushmita’s brother accused his wife of adultery


Sushmita’s brother accused his wife of adultery

Entertainment desk: Rajeev Sen, the brother of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, is married to television actress Charu Asopa. Their marital discord has been going on for several days. Charu’s allegation – Rajiv physically assaulted her, suspected her for no reason. Even when Charu was pregnant, Rajiv got involved in an extramarital affair.

Rajiv remained silent after Charu raised these allegations. Finally, breaking the silence, Rajiv made a counter-allegation against his wife for having an extramarital affair with a co-actor. And he claimed he got his proof from Charu’s mother.

Explaining the matter, Rajiv Sen told Hindustan Times, “I received voice notes from Charu’s mother. Charu is in a relationship with TV actor Karan Mehra. She has a romantic relationship with Karan. She blames me for cheating. In what world are we living !

At the same time, Rajiv denied all of Charu’s allegations. He claims that all the allegations made by Charu are completely false. Rajib said, “Charu finds it hard to trust people. He has done the same in the past. His mother told me these things. I’m also human, my head gets hot too.

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Charu first complained about the turmoil of married life while talking to Pinkvilla. And Rajiv doesn’t quite see the issue. He also said he wanted to end this world.

He has starred in many popular drama series during his acting career. He also wrote his name on the big screen. In 2019, Charu got married to Rajiv. A daughter was born to the couple on November 1 last year.

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