Swarnendu Sruti: Actress Shruti Das wishes Swarnendu Samaddhar on her birthday


Swarnendu Sruti: Actress Shruti Das wishes Swarnendu Samaddhar on her birthday

Kolkata: boyfriend’s birthday Actress Shruti Das shares cute photos on social media. Today is director-producer Swarnendu Samaddhar’s birthday.

Shruti shared a photo together on social media. Shruti wrote on social media: “Happy Birthday Lifeline”. I love you dear old man. You turned 40 this year, that’s my pride. Shruti added the old lady’s hashtag to the murder.

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It was while playing in the “Trinayani” series that Shruti became involved in a love affair with director Swarnendu Samaddar. Although many in the industry are happy with it, Shruti has faced extreme sarcasm over the age difference between Swarnendu and Shruti. Although the heroine gave an answer worthy of all these trolls. Shruti never hid from love. As soon as he opens his social networks, the photos of his various moments of love with Swarnendu flash. On the other hand, Shruti’s love is also in Swarnendu’s profile. Her relationship status reads, ‘EngagedDot’.

Swarnendu-Shruti is always accompanied by different events. They also attend each other’s family functions. Swarnendu is currently busy with the ‘Gauri L’ series. On the other hand, Shruti is busy with her life and career. He had to go out several times to make the new series of Swarnendu. Once Swarnendu’s birthday was spent outside. Shruti wished her boyfriend a happy birthday from a distance.

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