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Swastika opened up about the ‘MMS’ incident

Swastika opened up about the ‘MMS’ incident

Swastika Mukherjee is a popular actress in Indian Bengali cinema. Another identity of her is the daughter of actor Santu Mukherjee. He grew up listening to light camera action because of his father. He made his acting debut at the age of 21. Then this actress gave many films.

The movie “Take One” starring Swastika Mukherjee was released in 2014. The movie had an intimate scene. The clip of the shooting of this scene made the rounds of the net. People assumed it was an actual Swastika music video. Swastika was heavily criticized for this. Neighbors in the family also spoke harshly to her.

Swastika opened up on the music video of the intimate moment. This actress said in an Indian press – “I remember playing in a movie called ‘Take One’. The story of this movie was about the life of a heroine. A clip of an intimate scene which has leaked and spread like an MMS scandal. This film was made with everything about a heroine’s life, her career. So I had to become an alcoholic for the character. But this screen character has been accepted by everyone as the truth.’

Swastika’s parents were under a lot of stress due to criticism from relatives and neighbors. The actress said, “Most people used to call my parents and say, ‘What is Swastika doing!’ Does anyone cause such an event? Some said that Swastika is able to do these things because the family does not take care of it. At one point, the mother got bored. He got bored. angry and said, ‘You’ can’t do movies with a certificate. Will do movies for kids. Why play a drunken character?

In 1998 Swastika married Prameet Sen, son of famous musician Rabindra Sagar Sen. He rose to fame in the cinema in 2000. During this time, Swastika became the mother of a daughter. After becoming a mother, she struggles to establish herself as a heroine in the film! This is why many people asked Swastika to keep the news of becoming a mother a secret. In this regard, the actress said: “When I started working, everyone said that I would become a mother so that no one would know.” This is the danger. Because no one will love me as a hero anymore, I won’t be in demand anymore.

Swastikar divorced Prameet Sen in 2004. Afterwards, she is raising her daughter as a single mother. After the divorce, there were rumors of love for Swastika, but this actress did not remarry.

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