Swastika’s nose has become crooked, viral image

Swastika’s nose has become crooked, viral image

Entertainment desk: Swastika Mukherjee is a popular actress in Indian Bengali cinema. His film ‘Kaala’ was released a few days ago on Netflix. This Bengali actress captured the hearts of the audience by playing the role of Urmila Manjushree in this Hindi language film.

Swastika's nose is crooked

As part of the promotion, Swastika regularly posts photos from the film on social media. He changed his Facebook profile picture on Thursday (December 8). The photo used in the profile is also from the movie ‘Kaala’. With whom various discussions have begun; This heroine also fell in the face of trolls.

In this photo you can see a swastika with a tikali on the head, nose and earrings. There is a glamorous glow to the skin, but the lines of fatigue play on the eyes and face. But the tip of the swastika’s nose is slightly bent to the right. And this case has not escaped internet users.

This swastika look drew a lot of praise, but many commented that it was a “crooked nose.” One wrote: “The nostrils are so heavy that the nose bends. Please don’t hurt your nose. In response, Swastika wrote, “My nose is crooked.” And this comment has more than two hundred reactions. In the following comment, Swastika wrote to the netizen, “How old are you now? Go back to how old you looked, I’ll be gone too. Also, a lot of others are talking about the ‘curved nose’ by Swastika.

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The film ‘Kaala’ is produced by Anvita Dutta. Besides Swastika, Tripti Dimri and Babil, the son of late actor Irfan Khan, also starred in this film. Swastika played the role of lead character Kaala Manjushree’s mother in the film. It is known that this film of the psychological thriller genre was released on December 1 against the backdrop of the glamorous universe of the 1940s.

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