Sweet queen for the first time in the court of Didi, Uchchebabu is going to give a big surprise


Sweet queen for the first time in the court of Didi, Uchchebabu is going to give a big surprise

Bangladeshi office: TRP is weak, the magic is gone. But ‘Mithai’ (Mithai) is still one of the most popular soap operas in Bengal. Siddharth and Mithai, the duo that attracted Bengali audiences a year and a half ago, but their demand has yet to decline much. Yes, the TRP has decreased a lot with the pressure of new series over time. Still, the Modak family retains a certain fanbase.

At one time, Mithai was the best series of Zee Bangla. The series crew have also been seen starring in various non-fiction shows on the channel. But the exception is ‘Didi Number One’. At the start of the series, the team only came to play once. Since then, the Mithai family has never been seen on the sets of Didi Number One.

The wait is finally over for fans. A few days ago, we learned that Mithai Rani alias Soumitrisha Kundu would come to play Didi Number One. Finally, from the new promo, it was revealed that Mithai is not the only one but her aunts are also coming to the show. There is another big surprise. ‘Uchchebabu’ Adrit Roy will also come to Didi’s stage to give courage to his on-screen wife.

We see Adrit singing with the microphone in the promo. He also laughed with Rachna Banerjee at Mithai’s “Hurhur English” push. Additionally, Mithai and his on-screen nuns will also be seen dancing to the tune of “Paramsundari.” We know that the Mithai family is going to stage Didi Number One on the occasion of the next Lakshmi Puja.

Incidentally, there is a lot of speculation about Mithai at the moment. The promo for a new series ‘Neem Phule Madhu’ has already been released on Zee Bangla. Now the question arises, won’t neem flower honey made with multiple stars end up removing Mithai’s 8 hour slot? Again we hear that Mithai is about to be shut down. But it’s all speculation. The makers have yet to reveal which is true and which is false.

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