Taboo | Tabu spoke about not using his father’s dgtl surname

Taboo | Tabu spoke about not using his father’s dgtl surname

Full name is Tabsoom Fatima Hashmi. But everyone knows the “namesake” actress as Tabu in the industry. He has never been seen using the surname in his professional life. But why? There is a lot of speculation about this. The actress has always kept her personal life a secret. We know that the parents divorced when Tabu was only 3 years old! Did the actress leave the last name to avoid any unpleasant memories? Thinking back to Tabu’s birthday on November 4 is a thing of the past.


He is an introverted person since childhood. Who knew Tabbui would be on screen one day! Tabu grew up with her maternal grandparents in Hyderabad. In an interview, he said: “My mother was a teacher. So most of the time was spent with the maternal grandfather. I was very calm. Dida read books to me. I listened quietly. I didn’t never had a say in the matter, not even after entering the industry and becoming a hero.

However, the National Award-winning actress didn’t want to have a relationship with her father at all. He said he didn’t feel connected on the inside. The father lived elsewhere with his second wife. Tabur did not want to use his father’s surname. In this context, he said, “I never used it. Father’s surname never seemed important. I was always Tabassum Fatima. Hashmi didn’t want to be. My surname was Fatima at school too.

He also said that although the sisters met the father several times, he never felt the need to see the father’s face. He wasn’t curious about his father. In Tabu’s words, “I’m very happy with how I grew up.” I like to be myself.”


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Tabu made his screen debut in 1982 with “Bazaar”. In 1985, Karshak played an important role in the movie “Hom Naozwan”. Gradually, the public fell in love with his extraordinary acting style. Bollywood, southern movies or Hollywood – get acting deals everywhere. Each image catches the eye. In short, she is nothing less than the most popular actress of the eighties. The beautiful, free-spirited Ducksight actress has captured the hearts of people of all generations. Countless fans filled him with birthday wishes.

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