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Tahsan is taking a break from his acting career


Tahsan is taking a break from his acting career

Tahsan Khan is a popular young generation musician and actor. Still a lyricist, composer and musical director. Audiences are more familiar with this familiar face as a musician and actor. He recently told a media outlet that he was taking a break from his acting career. The singer-actor also openly explained to the media why he was taking a break.

In Tahsan’s words, “With age, people’s norms and needs change. This is no exception in my case. So I think, given my age, I should take a break from my acting career now.

Tahsan also said that music is a place of pleasure and love for him. He was inconsistent in music for a long time. So he wants to be regular in music after taking a break from his acting career.

But how long does Tahsan want to take a break? The actor said, “Every task should be done with care. Sometimes multitasking isn’t pretty. So don’t want to do multiple jobs at once. Moreover, this break can last two to three years or a little more.

How do you do other things while taking a break from your acting career? In this context, Tahsan said, “I will be busy with music from now on. I will continue to teach. I also practice poetry. There is also a desire to publish a book in the future.

Meanwhile, Tahsan recently sang in a song titled “Sei Tumi Ke.” The music video is already out. She was also considered a role model there. Other than that, he said he was working on new songs. Also preparing to participate in the winter concert.

It should be noted that apart from singing, Tahsan also performed for many years. He has been seen in many TV series and TV movies. Also seen in the presentation. Also worked in advertising. He also starred in two movies named “If One Day” and “No Land’s Man”.

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