Talent is priceless, the show runs with hypocrisy! Indian Idol boycott calls for Rito Riba’s exclusion


Talent is priceless, the show runs with hypocrisy! Indian Idol boycott calls for Rito Riba’s exclusion

bangladeshi the pulpit: Whether in Bengali or Hindi, there is no shortage of reality TV shows on the various channels. The main goal of reality shows is to find talent from different parts of the country, give them a platform, and make sure they get the respect they deserve every time. But most of the time, shows are accused of straying from that goal. Now the boycott call has been made against Indian Idol (Indian Idol).

Indian Idol is the most popular Hindi TV show in the world. The show is currently in its 13th season. Even before the start, Indian Idol was involved in the controversy as always. Viewers have called for a boycott of Indian Idol for the crime of eliminating contestant Rito Riba from Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian Idol has just completed its qualifying round. The list of judges this season includes Himesh Reshammiya, Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani. Vineet Singh, Sanchari Sengupta, Rishi Singh, Shivam Singh, Vidipta Chakraborty, Sonakshi Kar, Navadeep Wadali, Senjuti Dis, Chirag Kotwal, Anushka Patra, Kavya Limaye, Pritam Roy, Devasmita Roy, Shagun Pathak reached the top 15.

Arunachal’s Rito Riba captivated the audience with his voice during the selection stage. His song quickly went viral on netpara. However, he didn’t get a spot among the 15 people. Angry viewers began to question the judges’ ability to judge and understand talent.

Many people have complained that Indian Idol is just a fake. It’s a completely scripted show, where real talent is not valued. Some claimed that the show would be boycotted if Rito was not brought back to the show.

Incidentally, last year, Indian Idol increased the TRPs by showing rumors of a relationship between Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal. Although Arunita claimed it later, not everything shown was true. A lot is done for TRP.

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