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Tanveen Sweety is waiting for the Donaan movie


Tanveen Sweety is waiting for the Donaan movie

Abu Sayyid’s “Banshi” was the first film starring model Nandit or actress Tanveen Sweety. After that, there was a long break in his acting. Sweety recently starred in two new films. The two films are “Mike” directed by Zafarul Shaheen and “Waiting for Russell” directed by Noor Alam.

Tanveen Sweety also played a big role in Anam Biswas’ web movie ‘Dui Deen Duniya’ which was released a few days ago.

We can say that in this moment Sweety returned to the discussion by acting. That is why his attention towards the game has increased more than before. So, this talented actress is seen in new works. Sweety is also interested in working on good stories with interest from directors.

Tanveen is sweet

The films ‘Mike’ and ‘Waiting for Russell’ are two very important films for the country. Both of these films are expected to be released soon for the public. Because the movie “Mike” is based on the March 7 speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation of Bangladesh, and the movie “Waiting for Russell” is based on Bangabandhu’s youngest son, Sheikh Russell.

Speaking of starring in two films, Tanveen Sweety said: “It’s an absolute pleasure for me to star in both ‘Mike’ and ‘Waiting for Russell’. I had a significant role in both films. The content especially encouraged me to work on the two films. Director Zafarul-Shaheen made the film “Mike” very carefully. On the other hand, Nur Alam’s efforts were also very sincere. It’s true , I am now waiting for the release of these two films. Because this historical film must be seen by two spectators. Sincerely grateful to all the people involved behind the scenes in the making of these two films.

Tanveen is sweet

Meanwhile, recently, Tanveen Sweety is getting a lot of praise on stage. His two new plays on stage are “Mukti” and “Pohale Sharbari”. Both plays are produced by ‘Theatre’. ‘Mukti’ is directed by Tripa Majumder and ‘Pohale Sharvari’ is directed by Ramendu Majumder.

He also acts in “Gulshan Avenue Season Two” directed by Nima Rahman in Bangla Vision.

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